Chicago Bears: Ugly realities rear their head in loss to Packers

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
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The Chicago Bears offense offensive game plan went backwards

Over their previous two games, both wins, the Bears’ offensive game plan was exactly what it should have been, especially with a rookie quarterback. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor called a pretty solid game plan for the wins over Detroit and Las Vegas, sticking with the run game.

Obviously, in this one, the Bears were down both David Montgomery and Damien Williams. However, rookie Khalil Herbert looked very strong in his first start, rushing for 97 yards on 19 carries, including a touchdown.

The problem was, Lazor didn’t try to work any other running back in there. Because of that, Chicago only ended up running it 26 times, versus 27 passes.

Now, normally that would seem like a fine ratio. But, that hasn’t been the recipe for winning lately. This game wasn’t out of hand until very late in the fourth quarter. Lazor could have been much more run-heavy if he wanted to.

For perspective, the last two games featured the Bears running the ball 37 and 39 times. The Bears should have continued running the ball more so in this one, especially in order to keep Aaron Rodgers off the field.

The recipe for this Bears team to win games has to be to run it over 30 times per game. In this one, they took a step backwards.