Chicago Bears: Aaron Rodgers immune to NFL’s taunting rule

Chicago Bears (Imagn Images)
Chicago Bears (Imagn Images) /

The Week 6 loss to the Green Bay Packers stung more than normal for these Chicago Bears. It wasn’t enough just to lose, but for a late touchdown run by Aaron Rodgers to seal the deal made things that much worse.

It’s nothing new. We have seen this movie before. Rodgers has closed the deal time after time at Soldier Field, and every time it hurts just as bad.

But, this time? Things became a little more personal.

After Rodgers’ late fourth quarter touchdown run to put the Packers up by 10, he took a knee and enacted his infamous championship belt celebration whilst looking Bears fans dead in the eye. During the same celebration, cameras caught Rodgers screaming, “I still own you!” to fans in the stands.

This Week 6 game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers once again proved Aaron Rodgers is immune to officiating.

For those who want to know the NFL’s definition of taunting, which they are supposed to be cracking down on harder than ever before, here it is:

“Taunting: baiting or taunting acts or words that may engender ill will between teams.”

Through six weeks, players have been reprimanded for simply celebrating big plays with their teammates. For example, Darren Waller made a big first down catch a couple of weeks ago and spiked the ball in front of no one in particular, and the officials called a 15-yard penalty.

In this game, Rodgers was seen doing what he did and the officials turned their heads.

It’s about time Rodgers gets treated the same as everybody else. For years, he has been handed the weakest of roughing the passer calls and everyone knows it. Now, he’s apparently immune to the newest, strictest officiating crackdown around the league.

While we’re at it, let’s also talk about the no-call when two Packer defenders clearly jumped offsides and Justin Fields thought he had a free play. Or, how about the “first down” Green Bay was given on a run which should have left them a yard and a half short of the marker?

Or, we could talk about the mysterious pass interference called on Jaylon Johnson on a short third down pass which would have resulted in a Packers fourth down.

There were plenty of bad calls in Sunday’s game — and yes, that includes one that should have resulted in a touchdown for Green Bay’s Equanimeous St. Brown. But, unless you had one eye covered the entire game, the bias was clearly in Green Bay’s favor.

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Rodgers continues to get what he wants, and the officiating doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. They’ll keep giving him free passes.