Chicago Bears trade Allen Robinson in these polarizing deals

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The Chicago Bears could trade Allen Robinson to the Kansas City Chiefs

One of the scariest destinations for Robinson to land is the Kansas City Chiefs. Fortunately for the Bears, they play in the AFC. The Chiefs are 2-3 as we speak, which is not something anybody saw coming.

While their issues are on the defensive side of the ball, the Chiefs will never shy away from making a move to improve any area of their team, especially when it comes to giving Patrick Mahomes more weapons.

In this deal, the Chiefs would acquire Robinson for a third-round pick and Demarcus Robinson. On the Chiefs’ end, this looks like an absolute steal. However, any deal for Robinson right now would likely look like a steal because he’s playing on a 1-year deal.

Now, the big question for any team looking to acquire Robinson is how they will afford his salary. Thankfully, that question will be left up to the Chiefs’ brass to figure out. But, as they have proven in the past, the salary cap is always something one can manipulate.

Picture Mahomes throwing the ball to Robinson and Tyreek Hill — oh, and don’t forget Travis Kelce. If they can put a bandaid on their defensive woes, that might be a slam dunk Super Bowl roster going forward.