Chicago Bears: Aaron Rodgers makes nice comments about the city

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

It is officially Green Bay Packers week for the Chicago Bears. That normally spells disaster for the Bears as Aaron Rodgers is 20-5 in his career against them. The Packers currently sit atop the NFC North with a 4-1 record while the Bears sit a game behind them in second at 3-2. This is a chance for the Bears to make a statement in a year that has mixed expectations.

Over the summer, Rodgers was surrounded by a lot of drama. He isn’t happy with the way the Green Bay Packers handle business but he has chosen to deal with it and play this year. There is a good chance that he is gone next season but the Bears have a minimum of two more games against him in a Packers uniform.

Aaron Rodgers, as mentioned before, has had his way with the Bears over the course of his career. There have been some big games between the two organizations but the Packers usually come out on top. Everybody knows how big of a rivalry it is and nothing has changed during this era.

Rodgers was asked about Chicago during a press conference this week. He had some nice things to say about the city and his experiences watching Chicago sports in his youth. When asked, he also made it clear that he was never going to play for the Bears later in his career.

Aaron Rodgers has a very nice resume against the Chicago Bears in his career.

Rodgers answered these questions as well as he can. Obviously, there is no way that he will ever play for the Bears at this point. He is an older player and they are hoping that Justin Fields is the quarterback of the future. If Fields turns into what we want him to turn into, there will be no room to bring in a quarterback pushing 40. It would be an upgrade in the short term obviously but not for very long.

Rodgers also probably doesn’t love the Chicago Bears either. He has played for their biggest rival for a very long time so there is definitely no love lost. If Rodgers does move to another team after this season, it will probably be with a team that you would consider “ideal” for him. That is not here in Chicago.

It was nice, however, to hear him say nice things about the city. If anything, he should be grateful that the Bears have been so pathetic in allowing him to win so much here. We can only hope that something changes this Sunday as the Bears look to keep the momentum going.

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