Chicago White Sox: 3 key moves to make this offseason

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As the Chicago White Sox book their tee times for October after being eliminated by the Houston Astros in the 2021 ALDS, they have some reflecting and changes to make over the 2021-22 offseason.

After finishing the second half of the season just five games above .500 and losing three of four to the Astros in the Division Series, it’s obvious that the status quo won’t succeed in 2022 and that there will be at least some changes to the Sox next season.

The 2021 offseason will be more unique than ever this year, as the MLB’s Collective Bargaining Agreement expires on Dec. 1. That means that we may see a tumultuous offseason, as there are numerous points of heavy contention to be resolved between the players and league owners.

Furthermore, the absence of a CBA could make the hot stove very cold this winter as players and owners wait to determine contracts based on any potential changes in revenue sharing, payroll, and many other factors.

The White Sox have to make some changes if they want a World Series title in 2022.

That said, the White Sox can’t sit back and watch idly as other teams aim to compete. The Sox must still approach the offseason as if baseball will be played on March 31. With that in mind, it’s time to focus on 2022 and a potential World Series run with the returning core from 2021. Let’s take a look at three moves the White Sox must make this offseason: