Chicago Bears trade quarterback Andy Dalton in these 2 deals

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It is officially a new era for the Chicago Bears. Just two days after reiterating that Andy Dalton was his starter when healthy, head coach Matt Nagy turned the tables.

On Wednesday, Nagy confirmed that Justin Fields would be the team’s starting quarterback going forward. It was a move that came far too late, and many believe Nagy’s hand may have been forced.

No matter how it happened, the important thing is that it did happen. Fields is by far and away the better quarterback, and if the Bears wanted to stay competitive, this was the decision to make.

Now, the Bears move Dalton to their backup position with Nick Foles still hanging around as the team’s third quarterback.

Could the Chicago Bears trade Andy Dalton before the 2021 trade deadline?

With the Bears paying both Dalton and Foles decent money to sit, one has to wonder whether Chicago would make a move at this point. It has already been determined that Foles would likely prefer to stay in Chicago, so any trade would involve Dalton.

Foles has proven to be a stout leader and capable backup, so the Bears do not need to keep three quarterbacks.

Luckily for the Bears, there are a couple of quarterback-needy teams out there right now. If general manager Ryan Pace could get anything in return for Dalton at this stage in the game, he should do it.

It probably wouldn’t be much in return for Dalton, but the opportunity for him to potentially play elsewhere would be good for him — along with the fact that the Bears open up a roster spot to use for another need.