Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy is an arrogant, narrow-minded buffoon

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

After an impressive Week 4 victory, the Chicago Bears felt mighty good about themselves on both sides of the ball.

The offense woke up from an embarrassing loss a week ago, which was at the hands of head coach Matt Nagy’s play calling and failure to scheme around the strengths of Justin Fields.

Well, the rookie got his second start against Detroit on Sunday and took full advantage. Fields ended the day leading the Bears to a win, and made some eye-popping throws along the way.

Monday morning, Nagy addressed the media and answered the one question on everyone’s mind: who will be your starting quarterback going forward? With one simple answer, Nagy blew everyone’s mind.

Does Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy understand that he has become the laughing stock of the football world?

How on earth does Nagy stick with a guy like Dalton after what he saw from his offense yesterday? This is a disservice to Fields, a disservice to the entire team, and a disservice, quite frankly, to the entire organization and city.

Matt Nagy isn’t just approaching a state of madness, he is full-on owning it.

The idiocy of sticking with Dalton, when healthy, is as if Nagy wants his team to turn against him. The Bears clearly found a groove, a momentum yesterday against Detroit. Fields is progressing. His development is now in progress… and Nagy wants to stop it dead in its tracks?

Just how bad of a decision would it be to go back to Dalton? Let’s dig into a few simple numbers, here.

Last year, Dalton had weapons including Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup and Ezekiel Elliott. In nine starts with the Cowboys, Dalton managed just 20 total completions longer than 20 yards. That’s good for just about two per game, and ranks 32nd out of qualified starters last season.

Even Sam Darnold with the Jets, Joe Burrow in half a season, Nick Foles in limited starts with the Bears, and Gardner Minshew in less than a full season threw for more of such completions than Dalton.

Taking it a step further, Dalton’s passing attack saw an explosive play on just seven percent of passing plays in 2020. This was tied for second-to-last in all of football.

On Sunday against the Lions, Fields and the Bears’ offense saw an explosive passing play on 28 percent of their pass plays — good for first in the NFL, through Sunday night.

The Bears also ran for the most overall yards in a game (188) in almost three years (Week 14, 2018).

Look, the offense is clearly better with Fields under center, and Nagy is the only guy who both doesn’t realize it and wants to continue to think he’s the smartest guy in the room. The entire football world is against him now. Turn on any sports programming throughout a given day this week, and at one point, you’ll see an analyst lighting him up for his hilarious decision-making.

The way he has handled this quarterback situation might be the worst handling of any quarterback situation in the history of the NFL. This is getting to the point where it’s as if Nagy wants to get himself fired. At this stage, he is trying to get himself fired. That’s what this has become.

Nagy is by far and away the worst coach in the NFL. He is nowhere near the offensive guru he was claimed to be. He has become nothing more than an arrogant, narrow-minded, junior varsity-level-minded buffoon.

There are no more excuses. There is no more reasoning with this guy. He is unfit to be a head coach, and everybody knows it. The Bears have to do the right thing and just rid themselves of this foolish, egotistical maniac.