Chicago Bears: 3 startling quotes doom Matt Nagy’s future

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy has lost all trust from his coaches

“If I could go back a week — I can’t, but if I could — I’d have a different protection plan.” -Bill Lazor

This is yet again looking at the Browns game a week ago. It was a game that saw Fields get knocked around time and time again. We all know the story by now, as he was sacked nine times and hit, on average, once every other drop back.

In weeks past, we have seen Lazor and other players subtly call Nagy’s play calling and coaching into question. Even last season, Lazor tried to shy away from blatantly questioning Nagy’s play calling. This has not changed. Lazor, an experienced offensive coordinator and play caller, gave his two cents on why Fields was hit so often against the Browns.

To fans, it was obvious. Fields was getting absolutely no help in his protection — all game long. Yet, Nagy made zero adjustments. Nagy continued to use mostly 5-man protection — which is a horrible idea in today’s NFL, by the way. He refused to design plays around Fields’ strengths, including his mobility outside of the pocket.

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The answers have been so simple and so obvious — to everybody except for Nagy. This is a coach who is clueless, and everyone around him realizes it.