Chicago Bears: 3 startling quotes doom Matt Nagy’s future

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is missing out on game snaps?

Back when Andy Dalton got hurt against the Cincinnati Bengals and Fields had to come in, there were a couple of plays that showed just what the rookie could do. Unfortunately, a couple of those plays didn’t end with gaining yards because of dropped passes.

One of those plays saw a deep pass down the left sideline to Allen Robinson, and it would have ended up in a touchdown had the ball been caught. Robinson dropped the ball, though, and Fields didn’t get the score. After the game, Nagy was asked about that play in hopes that he would take the opportunity to praise his rookie.

Nagy admitted he didn’t even see the play unfold.

“I didn’t even see it. I was looking down for the next play.”

You can’t make this up. Nagy has a rookie quarterback out there, nearly making a big play, and he doesn’t even see the throw — which was right on the money, by the way.

First of all, how are you going to know what to call on the next down without knowing your field position or the down and yardage? There is no reason he should be stressing to find the next play if he doesn’t even know the context in which it will be called.

Secondly, Nagy should be educated enough to be able and call a play on the fly if he needed to. Many game situations require a coach to do this. So, why on earth was Nagy looking down during what could have been a monumental play for his rookie?