Chicago Bears: 3 startling quotes doom Matt Nagy’s future

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No matter what happens to the Chicago Bears going forward, whether that’s here and now against the Detroit Lions, or weeks ahead, there is one constant that will not change unless drastic measures are taken.

Head coach Matt Nagy is completely clueless, helpless and totally incapable of leading an NFL franchise.

He has proven this time and time again over the past four years, yet here we are. He’s still the head coach. Nothing he has said or done has seemed to change the mind of the Bears brass.

Speaking of what he’s said, there have been some startling quotes over the past few weeks which will eventually lead to his doom. At this point, it’s not “if,” it’s “when” Nagy will be fired.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy continues with the same old jargon

”Everything’s on the table”

Going back to the game against the Browns, Nagy was questioned left and right after that game. The media had a heck of a time trying to pry any information out of the coach. There was one thing that kept coming up when Nagy was giving his same old vanilla answers.

Nagy talked about finding out the “whys” when looking at that Browns game. In fact, he mentioned the “whys” quite a bit. Many of his replies included that word, along with “everything” being “on the table.”

Many Bears fans shudder at that phrase, “everything is on the table,” because it reminds us all of the post-season press conference back in January. We heard that phrase over and over again by both Nagy and Ryan Pace, stating that they essentially don’t know where they are going or what they are doing with this franchise — at least that’s what many fans heard.

Speaking of the word “why,” why are we still trying to figure out ‘why’ this offense is so terrible? It’s year number four, and Nagy is on quarterback number four. This is getting hilarious.

Nagy was supposed to be some kind of offensive guru when he came to Chicago, but we haven’t seen much of that come to life in three and a half years. Instead, we see the same old confusion on Nagy’s face as he gives us the same worn-down answers that really don’t say much at all.