Chicago Bears Rumors: Matt Nagy may be fired if Bears lose to Lions

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Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season was a career low point for Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy.

The Bears’ coach has had his fair share of head-scratching moments in Chicago, but none greater than what he displayed in that loss to the Cleveland Browns. The Bears offense was so bad that they ended up with a net one yard passing and, in total, 47 yards of offense.

In one of the worst offensive performances in franchise history, Nagy showed his true colors — arrogance and ignorance. To him, they are both bliss. But, to the rest of us, we see the writing on the wall.

According to a recent rumor, Nagy could be fired next week if the Bears lose in Week 4 to the Detroit Lions.

Could the Chicago Bears really fire head coach Matt Nagy if they lose to the Lions on Sunday?

The origin of the rumor came from a longtime Bears blog labeled none other than DaBearsBlog. Many fans dig what the site and its editor produces. Other question the sincerity and authenticity of these reports.

Take that for what you will, but plenty of people have been calling for Nagy’s head over the last few days, including ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky and NFL Network’s David Carr.

To think that he could be on the chopping block real soon is not all that crazy, quite frankly. Now, in order for Nagy to get fired, two things must happen.

First, the Bears actually have to lose to the Lions on Sunday. With how up-and-down the Lions have been thus far amidst their 0-3 start, nobody knows just which Lions team will show up against the Bears — or if they’ll be able to put together a full four quarters.

Second — and this is much harder to grasp — the Bears must choose to fire a head coach within the regular season. That is not something this organization is known to do, nor something that anyone expects them to do.

For Ted Phillips and George McCaskey to make this type of decision, things would have to be at an all-time low. Put it this way… if Nagy actually decided to roll Nick Foles out there against the Lions, and lost badly, then I could see the head coach being given his walking papers.

However, if it’s a somewhat competitive game and the Bears manage to lose a close one, Phillips and McCaskey won’t have the kind of guts it takes to make that move. All in all, I think we are stuck with Nagy for the remainder of the season. For now, we can try to take solace in the fact that there have been some positives to enjoy through three weeks.

Robert Quinn is off to a fast start, leading the team with 4.0 sacks. Khalil Mack has also been extremely active, most notably against the Browns. Jaylon Johnson looks like one of the top corners in the league. Meanwhile, David Montgomery is fifth in the NFL in rushing, despite the Week 3 offensive letdown.

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One can only hope that Nagy gets the boot sooner or later, but for now all we can do is wait while we focus on some of the positives.