Chicago Bears: First Take suggests that Justin Fields should want out

Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

First Take is one of the most popular sports debate shows on television. They do a fantastic job debating the hottest topics around sports. When the Chicago Bears come up, however, it seems to always be something negative. That is not a slight to First Take either because there are only negative things surrounding the Bears on a daily basis.

The latest discussion involving the Bears on the show is one that should absolutely disgust Bears fans. Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky both believe that Justin Fields would be smart to want out of Chicago as long as Matt Nagy is there. To be honest, it is hard to disagree even as a Bears fan.

Matt Nagy put Fields in such a bad spot against the Cleveland Browns. We are all so lucky that he didn’t get seriously hurt in the game. Cleveland owned him and it showed on film and on the stat sheet. If things don’t change, Nagy needs to be gone before things get really ugly.

The fact that we are one start into Justin Fields’ career and we are already talking about him wanting out is a disgusting disgrace. None of this came from Fields himself but we all saw what happened with Mitch Trubisky. Who knows what his career would look like if literally, any other team drafted him.

First Take suggests that the Chicago Bears could lose Justin Fields if they don’t change.

Now, it is very early to talk about Fields’ career in terms of his future. He is going to be the quarterback of the Chicago Bears. However, it would be nice to know that he enjoys that job and that his team is getting the most out of him. With Matt Nagy running the show, it is obvious that won’t be happening any time soon.

We don’t know what the case is going to be on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. According to Nagy, all three quarterbacks are in play if healthy. We know, however, that Andy Dalton is going to be Matt’s starter if he is healthy because he is so much smarter than everyone else so he has to prove he was right. It is a real shame that this is what the once-revered Chicago Bears organization has become.

As painful as it is to hear a show like First Take to talk about this stuff, it is nothing but the truth. If things don’t change soon, eventually Fields will want to go to a team that allows him to succeed instead of having him fail under a clueless head coach. All we can do is hope that things change before it is too late.

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