Chicago Bears: 3 takeaways from Arlington Heights sale

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy /

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It’s the perfect time for a distraction

It’s not a fun time to be a Chicago Bears fan. The team played one of its worst games in franchise history on Sunday, generating just 47 yards of offense against the Cleveland Browns to fall to 1-2 on the season.

Fans and media everywhere are calling for the team to fire head coach Matt Nagy. They’ve been clamoring for rookie Justin Fields to start for weeks.

Fans have been divided for years over whether or not general manager Ryan Pace should still be employed. And ownership has been under fire for decades for the team’s lack of success on and off the field.

It’s the perfect time for a distraction, as the team is in shambles with no clear direction.

Whether or not that’s a good or bad distraction depends on how one feels about the team relocating. To some fans, it’s a slap in the face to the city that has stood behind the team for a century.

To others, it’s a golden opportunity to have a world-class stadium and finally move out of arguably the least fitting stadium in the NFL. A new stadium could mean hosting a Super Bowl, Final Four, and many other events.

The team also would have more architectural possibilities, as Soldier Field is subject to more stringent design limitations given the location on the lake and preservation efforts for the stadium and environment around it.

Regardless, the stadium purchase will take the narrative off of the team on the field at least for a few days.

Or maybe it just snowballs into one giant ball of hatred towards the McCaskey family. Let’s face it, this fan base can find a way to be upset about anything sometimes.