Chicago Bears Presser: Matt Nagy is clearly afraid to answer for his actions

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After an epic failure in a Week 3 loss to the Cleveland Browns, the Chicago Bears have been searching for answers. And, while most of us seem to have those answers in sight, one guy doesn’t yet follow.

Head coach Matt Nagy has never looked more out of touch with his team than he did this past Sunday. The offense was as abysmal as many of us had ever seen in our lives.

A net one yard passing, 47 yards of total offense and six measly points is all fans got to see this team put up on Sunday. Following the game, Nagy didn’t have a whole lot of specifics to get into — shocking, I know.

Wednesday, though, Nagy held a presser with the media and, at the beginning, many of us had hoped to finally get some answers. Unfortunately, the head coach bowed out of taking any real accountability for his actions.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy had very little answers during his press conference Wednesday.

First and foremost, Nagy said that his depth chart has gone unchanged. Andy Dalton is still his starter, with Justin Fields the backup and Nick Foles as number three. So, if Dalton is healthy for Detroit, he will get the start.

Nagy was then asked why he wouldn’t give Fields another chance after making these “changes” they’re making — which nobody really knows what they are. He replied with a vague answer stating that Fields will have plenty of games in his career; essentially saying Fields still isn’t ready.

At the same time, Nagy also reiterated that Fields’ tough first start was on him.

“That was a rough one and I put that on me.” -Nagy

So, if Fields’ first start went that poorly and it was all on Nagy, then why wouldn’t he allow Fields another shot, even if Dalton was healthy? One would assume that Nagy apparently knows how to fix what went wrong for his rookie, therefore it would make sense for him to prove that.

It’s all very vague and doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Oh, but thankfully they have all had “amazing, healthy conversations” within Halas Hall this week — whatever that means. Collaboration, right?

Going beyond the depth chart, Nagy was asked about play calling and who will be on duty for Sunday’s game against Detroit. His answer was again vague, stating that they are going to “keep it internal.”

If it’s still his job, then he’s afraid of the backlash from the media — plain and simple. On the contrary, if it is indeed Bill Lazor or John DeFilippo, he is hiding from that answer as well — but for what reason?

There is no sense in “gamesmanship” at this point. I don’t think there is a single defense in the NFL who is scared of the Bears offense right now — none.

We have all heard coach speak before, and it’s part of the game. But, Nagy continues to dodge questions as though he’s avoiding questions about his marital life.

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This is a coach who doesn’t have a clue what he is doing, but uses a bunch of feel-good phrases and pick-me-ups to help pump himself up before meeting with the media. He wants to appear as though he’s taking ownership, but when asked specifically what he’s doing to take responsibility, Nagy has zero answers.