Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy leaves the door open for Nick Foles

Chi ago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Chi ago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are a bad offensive team. They have been for the entire Matt Nagy era. Somehow, he ruined Mitchell Trubisky and he is going down the path of ruining Justin Fields. It is clear that the common denominator in all of this is the head coach. Now, he is making claims that are straight-up laughable.

In Monday’s press conference, in which Nagy was very late, he made a comment that stings. He claims that all three quarterbacks on the Chicago Bears roster are under consideration to start. That means that Justin Fields’ first career start could be a one and done in favor of either Andy Dalton or Nick Foles. That is disgusting.

Foles deserves some respect. He is a Super Bowl champion quarterback and was great in those years. Now, he just isn’t good anymore. Andy Dalton deserves to start over him and it’s not close. Fields should be the guy but if they roll with a veteran it has to be Dalton.

Andy Dalton, at the very least, is a competent NFL quarterback. You aren’t winning playoff games with this guy but you certainly can have some regular-season success while the kid develops. Now, in order to save his own job, it looks like Matt Nagy is considering Foles who is the worst option by far.

The Bears are getting ready to play the Detroit Lions this weekend. Detroit is one of the only teams in the NFL that are historically worse than the Bears. However, if the Bears start Foles at home against the Lions, Detroit just may win. He has no business starting unless both Fields and Dalton are physically unable to perform. The fact that Matt Nagy is even talking about starting him in the mix with the other two should be a firable offense.

Nagy’s time in Chicago is clearly up. They need to move on from him right now. The most important thing for this team right now needs to be the development of Justin Fields. They can’t do that when the other team finds it easy to play against him.

The reason the other team finds it easy is because of the bad play calling. Matt Nagy clearly has no clue what he is doing anymore. Things just aren’t working and it is time to move on from him as the coach. If they don’t, Fields is in trouble. Now we might have to go backward and see Nick Foles again. This is horrible.

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