Chicago Bears: Justin Fields decision is made at the right time

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Chicago Bears (Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Chicago Bears have made the decision, as you’ve heard by now, to start Justin Feilds against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. This is a huge moment for him in his career as they try to develop him properly. It probably came a bit sooner than expected because Andy Dalton’s knee injury surely has something to do with this.

Nobody wants to see Dalton get hurt but we do want to see Fields as the guy. He gives them a better chance to win based on his skillset. As long as Matt Nagy, and this is a big if, can put together good plays that allow Fields to play to his strengths they should look much improved.

This is coming at the perfect time of the week because Fields has plenty of practice time with the first team now. They aren’t beating around the bush and then throwing him into the fire on Sunday. He is the starter and that is the way it is going into the rest of the week.

This isn’t a bad idea to announce either. The Cleveland Browns are a professional football organization. They have been preparing for Justin Fields and Andy Dalton ever since they started practice/film following their win over the Houston Texans. He played college football in their state so they know as well as anyone how good he is. They aren’t stupid so this isn’t helping them in any way by announcing it.

Justin Fields is getting a big start for the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon.

It is a big test for Fields early. The Browns have some great players on their pass rush that are going to make things hard on him. With guys like Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney coming at him, you can expect him to learn a lot from this game. Of course, keeping him upright needs to be a point of emphasis by the offensive line.

Fields also has the ability to escape much better than someone like Dalton. Whether Nagy wants to admit it or not, this gives them a competitive advantage when they are facing a defense as stacked as the Cleveland Browns. Nobody should necessarily expect the Bears to win but they can expect them to put up a good performance.

Chicago’s defense is really good. If they can contain Bakey Mayfield’s offense and keep the game close, Fields might benefit from that as well. Having those guys to practice against should also help really prepare him for the big Cleveland team. This is a big moment in Fields’ career and every fan should be so excited. Good thing it was announced this early in the week.

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