Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy pulls off ultimate cowardly move

Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Every football fan understands that there is a thing called “coach speak.” For Chicago Bears fans, that particular aspect of Matt Nagy has been a little tougher to figure out at times.

Nagy has been more secretive and less direct with his answers over the years, leading Bears fans to wonder just what is going on in that head of his sometimes. For the past several months, though, Nagy has made it fairly evident that his starting quarterback will remain Andy Dalton.

As questionable a decision as it’s been to many around him, Nagy has stuck to his guns with that plan. But, when Dalton went down with a knee injury in Week 2 versus the Cincinnati Bengals, the questions began coming more so than ever before.

Justin Fields took over for Dalton and, contrary to what the box score would tell you, played pretty well aside from one bad throw. The shots he took downfield, accompanied with how dynamic he can be with his legs, continued to prove that Fields should get his shot. On Monday, though, Nagy’s incompetence poured water on Fields’ fire.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy pulled the ultimate act of cowardice on Monday.

As Nagy was meeting with the media Sunday following the game, he was asked if Dalton is still is quarterback should he be healthy. Nagy replied, “I’m not going to get into that.”

Then, Monday when he met with the media, Nagy replied with the exact same response. He refused to give a straight answer to a very simple question.

What happened next may sound like a joke, but it did in fact happen.

Let’s get this straight. Right after meeting with the media, Nagy decided to send a team official back into the room and deliver a message to them instead of coming back and telling them himself.

This reeks of cowardice, folks. This is the ultimate act of fear and shows a lack of character on Nagy’s part.

Nagy thought he needed to clarify his position on the most crucial question he’ll be asked all week, but couldn’t do it himself. Instead, he sent some poor soul back into the room with the media to tell them all that Dalton is, in fact, his quarterback when healthy.

That’s not only a cowardly move, but it’s a slight to Dalton. If he’s too ashamed to give that answer in person, it doesn’t necessarily ring of confidence in his so-called starting quarterback.

I won’t even get into how this appears in reference to Fields, but it is an all-around bad look for Nagy. This is completely unacceptable. An NFL head coach should have the courage to answer difficult questions. It’s part of the job.

Instead, the Bears have a guy wearing the “manager” badge who’s too afraid to come out of the back room to deal with an upset customer. That’s what we’re witnessing right now. This is a guy who is too afraid to break up with a girlfriend of five months, so he sends his mother over to her house to let her down easy — thanks to Brendan Sugrue of Bearswire for that reference.

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The Chicago Bears no longer have a competent head coach, nor even halfway competent. This season is finally going to prove that point, and Nagy will be gone one way or another.