Chicago Bears: Justin Fields might finally be the starting QB

The Chicago Bears won their first football game of the season. They defeated the Cincinnati Bengals by a final score of 20-17. They got close to blowing the lead that they had but they held on for their first win of the year. It was a game that had a lot of different stories. The biggest story, however, was the quarterback situation.

Andy Dalton left the game with an injury and Justin Feilds came in. It came in the third quarter after Dalton suffered a knee injury and didn’t return to the game. It was a scramble play that led to Dalton’s injury. It didn’t look like he was going to be out long but Fields ended up finishing the game.

Fields entering the game wasn’t his NFL debut as he took a few snaps last week against the Los Angeles Rams. He was okay in this game but he led the Bears to a big win. Going down 0-2 would have been tough so this was big for them. Getting to 1-1 keeps them in the early race for the NFC North.

He went 6/13 with 60 yards and an interception. He also had 10 carries for 31 yards. He certainly wasn’t perfect out there but it was clear that he is ready. He has what it takes. It would be nice to see him practice all week as the number one guy and see how that improves things.

Before getting hurt, Dalton went 9/11 with 56 yards and a touchdown pass. It wasn’t a terrible game but you know the potential for Fields to be better is there. Keeping him in as the starter would be the wise decision after the way the first two weeks have gone.

It is time for Justin Fields to start for the Chicago Bears on a full-time basis.

Matt Nagy has already had to answer questions about week three’s decision in the postgame. He made it clear that he wasn’t getting into that right now. That is all the talk is going to be about all week long. Of course, Dalton’s health will be taken into consideration. If he is hurt, there is no way that he is back out there. If he isn’t, then there is officially a quarterback controversy (even more than there was before).

This is the perfect opportunity for Matt Nagy to make the change. He was able to stick to his guns on keeping his word but the events of week two were able to change things. This is the perfect way to make the change without much resistance from anyone. The defense did their job too so if they can get Fields in there playing well, they could win some games down the stretch of their very tough schedule. Hopefully, this is the start of a magical career.