Chicago Bears: Week 2 vs. Cincinnati Bengals is deceivingly crucial

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Matt Nagy has to be smarter calling plays

Look, it’s really not that difficult. Get the ball to your best players and do it the right way.

One of the biggest complaints from Week 1 was the fact that Dalton hardly threw the ball past 10 yards. The most ludicrous number to prove that fact is Allen Robinson’s 11 targets, which equaled out to six receptions for 35 yards. That’s a measly three yards per target — that isn’t going to cut it.

Nagy has to figure out ways to get the ball to his best players, and do it in a manner which suits their strengths. Robinson is one of the best in the league at 50-50 balls. Let Dalton throw it deeper and on routes which Robinson finds the most success. Give him a few down the sideline to go up and make a play on.

More importantly than the passing game, Nagy has to establish the run. It seemed as though every time he would call a run to David Montgomery in Week 1, Nagy would immediately abandon it on the next few plays.

The best example of that was on the Bears’ opening drive, when Montgomery took his first carry for 41 yards and never touched the ball again on that drive — a drive that ended with a Dalton interception.

Nagy is no longer looked at as an offensive guru, and these are the reasons why. He has abandoned common sense. It’s truly not a difficult concept. He has to get the ball to his best players and allow them to make plays, period.