Chicago Bears: Justin Fields saga likely to get Matt Nagy fired

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Since drafting rookie quarterback Justin Fields back in April, the Chicago Bears have been stuck following an imperfect plan that has many holes to it.

That plan is being drawn out by none other than head coach Matt Nagy, who insists that Fields sit until “he’s ready.”

For right now, it’s Andy Dalton’s team, and has been since the veteran signed in Chicago. Nagy has openly admitted that when Dalton signed with the Bears, he signed knowing he’d be the starting quarterback. It’s almost as if there is some promise between the two of them which Nagy refuses to break.

While promises are meant to be kept, this is one promise that should have never been made in the first place. When the Bears went on to draft Fields, everything about the team’s quarterback landscape changed. Now, Nagy finds himself in some boiling hot water.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is now the odds-on favorite to be the first coach fired this season.

It’s only been one week into the 2021 season, and we’re already seeing reports like this. Coaches get fired every year, and sometimes before the season is finished. With the way things are going in Chicago, Nagy’s seat should feel burning hot right about now.

Not only did the Bears get embarrassed by the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night, but the Fields saga continues to work against Nagy’s favor. Sure, there are issues on defense and within the roster. But, the crux of it all has to do with how he’s handled his rookie quarterback.

By now, almost the entire NFL world is at a loss for words as to why Nagy continues to prolong Fields’ regular season debut. Nagy can use whichever argument he wants, and it will be debunked by some of the most well-known NFL minds out there. Whether he mentions Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers sitting to begin their career, or speaks more to the faith he has in Dalton, none of it makes sense.

The biggest blow to Nagy’s reputation might have come from within his own organization on Wednesday. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was asked about the Fields situation and whether or not he’s ready. Here’s the exchange between Lazor and the media:

When asked why Fields wasn’t getting his chance, Lazor essentially dodged the question while telling the media that Nagy has already explained what “his” plan is for the quarterback.

The fact that Lazor called it “his” plan and not “our” plan speaks volumes. Lazor is basically submitting to Nagy’s plan, since he’s the head coach. He may not be on board with Nagy’s plan, but Lazor is not the boss. Nagy is, and that’s essentially what Lazor was saying right there.

Not only has Lazor come out and thrown subtle shade at Nagy’s plan, but even Marquise Goodwin questioned his head coach after the Rams game. It wasn’t in regards to Fields, but Goodwin told reporters that Nagy’s play-calling played right into the hands of Jalen Ramsey, referring to the fact that Nagy rarely had his receivers run routes deeper than 10-15 yards.

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So, within the same week, we have a player and a coach questioning Nagy about two different issues. Again, the most important of them all has to do with Fields and being ready to play. But, the fact that people within the organization are putting Nagy’s coaching into question is a sign that he is absolutely not safe.