Chicago Bears: It is time for Matt Nagy to be let go as head coach

Chicago Bears (Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Chicago Bears are one of the worst ran organizations in the National Football League. They went into 2021 telling everyone that they believe they can be good. In doing that, they decided to start Andy Dalton in week one over Justin Fields who they drafted in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He wasn’t bad in his first game but there is nothing he did that Justin Fields can’t do. In addition to that, there are plenty of things that Fields can do that Dalton can’t.

Somehow, after the debacle that was Sunday Night Football for the Chicago Bears, they are still committed to Andy Dalton. They are playing his old team in the Cincinnati Bengals this week and he is going to get a chance to face them. Honestly, after all of this horrible decision-making, it is time for Matt Nagy to be fired. There is no excuse for this level of pathetic play by the Bears.

Nagy’s play calling is terrible, the decision-making process is awful, and the team is just lousy. He has a winning record as a football coach because of the 12-4 season they had in 2018. They have been mediocre at best ever since.

For example, the only thing that seemed to be working offensively was the run game for the Bears. David Montgomery had a really nice game but he was only fed the ball 16 times. That is an absolute joke when Andy Dalton is out there not making big plays. He had 108 yards on those 16 carries. He should be fed the ball a lot more than that if he is going to be a 6.8 yards per carry kind of guy.

The Chicago Bears have so many management issues going on right now.

This doesn’t absolve Ryan Pace either. He put together a stinky roster that has no chance of winning many games this year. He should be fired right there with Matt Nagy. It seems like they bought some time with the drafting of Justin Fields but they won’t even play him. This is already looking like a wasted season and it is because of these two.

The biggest fear right now is the development of Justin Fields. He looks like he is capable of being the type of rookie that lights the league on fire. He made a couple of plays in his few snaps (he had a handful of them) that made him look really good on Sunday night.

He had his first career rushing touchdown because of an electric play that he made for the score. He does things that Andy Dalton simply can’t. Because of how poorly this is going, the Chicago Bears would be smart to just fire Matt Nagy right now.

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