Chicago Blackhawks: 3 last minute Jack Eichel trades to consider

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Chicago Blackhawks, Kirby Dach
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The Chicago Blackhawks would be smart to add Jack Eichel despite losing Kirby Dach.

Like Eichel, Kirby Dach was a lottery selection in the NHL Draft. However, Jack Eichel is worlds better than Dach. Even though Kirby might go on to be a very good player, it is hard to see him ever being as good as Jack Eichel which says a lot about how good he is. Eichel is a top-ten NHL center when he is healthy and could become even better than that if he played for a different team.

The Chicago Blackhawks no longer have their 2022 first-round pick so giving Buffalo their 2023 first and a 2022 second for Eichel seems fair in addition to Dach. It would be tough not to have first-round picks for two years in a row but Jack Eichel would likely be better than anyone they select.

Buffalo is also probably going to be pretty bad in 2021-22 so they would like to add as many good future draft picks as they can. The next two drafts are very good, especially at the very top. If Buffalo is serious about rebuilding (again) and the Hawks are serious about making the playoffs, this is the kind of risky move that each team would need to make.

With Kirby Dach gone, Eichel would slot into the first-line center role, Toews would be the second-line center, and Johnson the third. The lines are solid now but they could be even better. Having that type of center depth might make them better than just a playoff team.