Chicago Cubs top prospect Brennen Davis is making a big move

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs are all about the future now. With Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Javier Baez off to bigger and better things, the Cubs are just waiting for the younger guys to start coming up again. They have been through this before with their previously mentioned core but it is different this time. Now, they have already ended the championship drought so building towards sustained success should be the new goal. One of those young players that they need to be great is Brennen Davis.

Davis went into the season as the Cubs’ number two prospect. He has played so well throughout the season that he became the number one prospect in the organization. He is also the number 14 prospect in all of baseball according to MLB dot com. It has been great to see this player grow the way he has in 2021.

Now, he is even closer to reaching his MLB dream as he has been promoted to AAA Iowa. It is a huge move in his baseball career as he is now one step away from being in Major League Baseball. If he doesn’t get the MLB call at the end of this month, there is a very high chance he makes it up at some point in early 2022. You can probably bank on him spending the final three weeks of the season with the Iowa Cubs.

He is going to join them for their game on Tuesday in Omaha. This move is likely a result of an injury sustained by Jason Heyward at the MLB level. It might be a little bit premature promotion based on earlier expectations but he deserves to be in AAA now. It is a great way to end the season with some quality at-bats against some really good pitchers.

Brennen Davis has been a great piece in the Chicago Cubs organization this year.

Davis was the MVP of the Futures Game earlier this season. There are a lot of really good players in that game every year and Davis is the next great one. When you pair that with his outstanding numbers in the Minor Leagues, it is hard to say he won’t be a star in short order. When he comes to the Cubs for good, the hype is going to be real. Everyone can go to sleep at night knowing that another star is coming to the Cubs in short order.

It is going to take a while to make them a great team again but having someone like Davis in their core is a great start. If he is able to hit the ground running with the Iowa Cubs, the excitement will grow even more. This is a very good move made by the Cubs as the season winds down.

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