Chicago Bears Week 1: Bold predictions for Rams vs. Bears

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4. The Chicago Bears out-rush the Los Angeles Rams

Last season, the Rams were the no. 4 run defense in football, giving up just 99.1 rushing yards per game. It’s a tough front to run the ball on, with Aaron Donald regularly causing so much havoc. That’s why this is such a bold take.

Knowing that Fields takes over in the second half, though, the Rams now have a totally different element to prepare for. While the Rams have still been strong against mobile quarterbacks in recent years, Fields has given them no real tape to work off of.

The Rams often face Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray, who combined to rush five times for 12 yards in their final two regular season games. Murray and Wilson didn’t try to test the Rams much late in the year, but Fields might be a better athlete than both of them.

Not to mention, the Bears arguably have the better running back out of all of these teams in question. David Montgomery is set to take on a heavy workload this year, and Nagy is going to go out of his way to make sure he starts strong.

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Between Montgomery and a fresh look from Fields in the second half, the Bears are going to sneak out a better ground performance in this one.