Chicago Bears Week 1: Bold predictions for Rams vs. Bears

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Chicago Bears (Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Bears, Akiem Hicks
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The moment has drawn near. The 2021 NFL season kicks off for the Chicago Bears Sunday night against the Los Angeles Rams, under the lights.

Bears fans may feel more torn heading into this opener than they have in any opener in recent memory. Sure, we are used to quarterback controversies. But, never to this magnitude.

The debate has raged on this week regarding certain Bears fans rooting against their own team in order to see rookie Justin Fields get plugged in sooner. It is a tough dynamic, quite frankly.

Everybody knows Fields is the better player, and the sooner we see him under center, the better chance the Bears have of winning each game. At the same time, rooting for your own team to fail seems plain wrong. It’s safe to say that there are mixed feelings heading into this game.

With the uncertainty at quarterback, we could see some bold predictions come to fruition for the Chicago Bears.

Usually, bold predictions seem outlandish and unrealistic. Yet, for this game, I wanted to ensure they didn’t head in that direction. Much of this piece is based on the quarterback situation in Chicago.

But, at the same time, plenty of whispers and rumors have started to creep in this week. Is there actually a chance that Dalton gets benched in his very first game?

Do the Bears actually have a chance at winning this game? Against a team that many are picking to be a Super Bowl lock, the Bears have their work cut out for them. Let’s get into our bold predictions for Sunday night and see just how this game ends up shaking out.