Chicago Bears: Previewing the 3 NFC North division rivals

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Kirk Cousins
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Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings will be a tough team for the Chicago Bears this season.

The Minnesota Vikings are always the toughest team to project in the division. They will randomly have years where their defense is so good and it leads them to a lot of wins and maybe even a playoff win. However, lately, things haven’t been all that great for them. They have recently been an even worse team than the Bears which is saying something because the Bears have been incredibly mediocre.

One thing Minnesota always seems to find is an elite running game. Well, Dalvin Cook is one of the best backs in the National Football League. He is going to run all over a lot of teams this season as long as he stays healthy. They also have Justin Jefferson who is becoming one of the better receivers in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins is still their guy under center which is a worry for Vikings fans. He is a good player but he isn’t a great player. In a league like the NFL, you pretty much need a great player to play that position in order to have any kind of success. If he doesn’t turn the ball over and helps lead a solid running game, the Vikings might have a pretty good year. They will have a battle with the Bears for the most mediocre team in the NFC North.

Prediction: 2nd place, miss the playoffs