Chicago Bears: Previewing the 3 NFC North division rivals

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Jared Goff
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Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are a team that the Chicago Bears should be able to handle in 2021.

The Detroit Lions are usually the worst team in the division. They had a borderline Hall of Fame quarterback in Matthew Stafford for a very long time and didn’t win a single playoff game with him. They barely gave him enough to even get him to the playoffs at all. He had Calvin Johnson for a while and they were awesome together but it never equated to wins. Now, Stafford is gone to the Los Angeles Rams and Jared Goff came back the other way.

It is more than likely going to be a transition year for the Lions. They are the easy pick to come in last place for the NFC North. Goff was able to win games with the Rams because they were so good. He is by no means a bad quarterback but he is a significant downgrade from Stafford who might just go win the Super Bowl with the Rams.

Detroit is going to have a tough year unless Goff reaches the potential that he had coming out of college and even then they might struggle. They lost Kenny Golladay to the New York Giants as well which takes away a big weapon from the quarterback. It is going to be tough for them to score.

The Bears should actually match up well against them as they roll through their season. If the Bears can’t take care of business against them, they will be in big trouble because everyone else only gets tougher from there.

Prediction: 4th place, miss the playoffs