Chicago Bears Roster: 5 big mistakes Ryan Pace will regret

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Chicago Bears general manager Ryan pace will regret signing Andy Dalton

…with the money he saved by cutting Fuller.

One of the reasons the Bears cut Fuller was so they could have room for veteran quarterback Andy Dalton. Now, the Bears have money tied up in both Dalton and Nick Foles — all while their franchise quarterback, Justin Fields, sits on the bench. That’s a completely different story, though.

Spending even more money on Dalton was such a bone-headed move, especially if the Bears were going to keep Foles on the roster as the team’s third quarterback. Pace is essentially throwing money down the toilet at this stage, and once again, that money could have been better used if the team had kept Fuller.

Now, they team has Dalton under center for, what, a couple of games before Fields takes over? Everybody knows that’s exactly what is going to happen. So, when Fields ultimately takes the job, Dalton and his $10 million salary head to the bench while the Bears likely get torched through the air on whichever side Johnson is not lined up.

The Dalton signing never made any sense, nor did the “promise” Matt Nagy made to Dalton.