Chicago Bulls: Ranking every major 2021 offseason move made so far

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1. Chicago Bulls bring in DeMar DeRozan via sign-and-trade

The number one move for Chicago, this offseason, was nabbing DeMar DeRozan from the San Antonio Spurs in a sign-and-trade. Did the Bulls give up a good chunk? Sure they did. Thaddeus Young and a first-round pick is a pretty stout package for San Antonio to get back in return, but for the Bulls, it was worth it.

Chicago hadn’t been a free agency destination in years — decades, even. The fact that DeRozan finished his meeting with the Los Angels Clippers and then met with general manager Marc Eversley immediately afterwards, choosing to sign in Chicago, was a beautiful sight to see.

Those types of things don’t happen to the Bulls. For Eversley to make the effort, fly all the way out to Los Angeles and make the pitch of his life to DeRozan? That spoke volumes. For DeRozan to choose Chicago also spoke volumes.

Now, the talking heads will say that DeRozan’s signing in Chicago was an awful move, bringing up “fit” as a main concern. The hilarious part is, though, that other teams out there form trios of stars and fit together just fine. There have been several instances where stars come together and figure it out, because they’re professionals.

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That’s exactly what DeRozan has gone on to say after signing in Chicago. He, LaVine and Vucevic are professionals. They will make it work, regardless of how the analytics shake out. DeRozan is still a star in this league, and the Bulls landed him. Let’s forget the negativity and celebrate. The Bulls are back.