Chicago Bulls: Ranking every major 2021 offseason move made so far

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4. Chicago Bulls sign Alex Caruso

While some fans were confused by the signing of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso, it actually made perfect sense. The Bulls had to add a backup guard to Zach LaVine, first and foremost. But, they also needed someone who can come in with a defensive edge — that’s Caruso in a nutshell.

Caruso is the type of player who can come off the bench and provide a spark. He brings exactly what you want in a reserve guard — defense and three-point shooting. Caruso is the ideal 3-and-D type, which the Bulls desperately needed. In fact, he’s the perfect type of 3-and-D guy that a lot of teams needed and wanted, but Caruso ended up in Chicago.

Currently, Chicago doesn’t have much of a perimeter defender outside of Caruso. Their defensive game is arguably their biggest weakness and needs some fine tuning. Caruso, though, brings the edge — and hopefully it’s contagious.

Remember back when the Bulls had Joakim Noah, and he was a guy every other team simply hated to play against? That’s what Caruso can bring to Chicago off the bench. He plays with a swagger that most fans kind of hate if they aren’t a Lakers fan. Now, Bulls fans get to experience that feeling.

The Bulls needed a guy with the kind of attitude Caruso possesses, and this signing will prove to help their depth when they make a postseason run. Yes, I said when.