Chicago Bulls: Ranking every major 2021 offseason move made so far

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The Chicago Bulls are back.

the 2021 NBA offseason was a wild ride, there, for a few weeks. Between free agency and the 2021 NBA Draft, basketball fans felt the first sense of a normal, crazy offseason in a couple of years.

Chicago, specifically, had an offseason for the ages. Look, good things aren’t supposed to happen to the Bulls. Other than the days of Michael Jordan, and a couple of exciting years with Derrick Rose, Chicago basketball has been dead.

Now, the Bulls have people talking. Even Charles Barkley believes the Bulls had the best offseason out of any team in the league this year, and that’s some big praise from a big man.

Many offseason moves were made, and each one was an integral part of what the Chicago Bulls will do going forward.

To think that a few short years ago, the Bulls were attempting to get fans excited about an aging Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo — what a load of malarkey.

Fans aren’t stupid. They’ve been around the block. Bulls fans know a good thing from another. After all, they did live through the Jordan and Rose years. Aside from those times, Bulls fans have been miserable.

Right now, there is legitimate reason to be excited. Chicago basketball is finally relevant again, and the season hasn’t even started. The Bulls are in a serious position to finish as one of the top teams in the East, thanks to several moves made by Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley.

Which moves meant the most? That’s tough, because all of them were notable. But, we attempt to rank each of them and explain just what they meant to the Bulls’ current roster.