Chicago Blackhawks: 3 insane trade packages for Dylan Strome

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Chicago Blackhawks, Pat Foley
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The Chicago Blackhawks are nearing the end of a very good offseason. They made a lot of great additions that will help them in all aspects of the game. Someone like Marc-Andre Fleury will help them keep the puck out of their net.

Seth Jones will also help with that cause in addition to helping them advance the puck off the ice. Adding someone like Tyler Johnson will add to their center depth and make their forward group look much better. With these additions along with some other depth pieces, the Blackhawks should be a much better tea.

There are going to be some subtractions as a result of these offseason moves. One player who has been in the trade rumors for a while now is Dylan Strome. He is the type of player who could play anywhere in a lineup but in the middle six is perfect for him.

Strome can play wing or center but he is mostly at his best when he is in the middle of the ice making plays. There might be people who like him better on the wing but his playmaking might make him a better center. With Jonathan Toews, Kirby Dach, and Tyler Johnson in the mix, Strome would be the odd man out unless they really want to use him at wing.

The Chicago Blackhawks could really get something good for Dylan Strome.

Strome is a pass-first guy but he can score some goals in the meantime. Any team that needs a skilled forward would be wise to add him if they can. The Hawks have the depth to move him and they can get something else to help them or add an asset for the future. These are three solid Dylan Strome trade packages: