Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy’s reputation is about to get demolished

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Things are about to get ugly for Matt Nagy. If he follows through with his plan after his Chicago Bears finish out the preseason on Saturday against the Tennessee Titans, Nagy will never hear the end of it.

Through two preseason games and all of training camp, it has been abundantly clear who is the best quarterback on the roster. It isn’t just fans showing up at training camp riding the hype train on Justin Fields. It’s not local media with biased reports.

We are at the point where Fields has caught the attention of the national media and NFL veterans across the league. Yet, Nagy continues to reiterate that his starting quarterback is Andy Dalton.

For reasons that can only be summed up with pride, arrogance and pure, blind idiocy, Nagy refuses to acknowledge there is even a competition between his two quarterbacks.

This man is not only wrecking what he has left of a reputation, but hurting his entire team.

Matt Nagy has to be careful, because his reputation as the Chicago Bears head coach is about to be put on blast.

We have gotten to the point where guys like Warren Sharp of NBC Sports and The Ringer, who spends hours upon hours deep diving into NFL analytics, is calling out Nagy’s bogus “plan.”

This is no longer just a fan’s perspective. In fact, it is as obvious as ever. Fields has to be under center Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams, but Nagy will refuse to listen to anybody but himself. Sharp brings up a great point, too, that Bill Lazor should be calling plays.

We haven’t even gotten into Nagy’s play-calling foolishness, but that’s a story for another day.

It’s Nagy’s show and he wants everybody to know it. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, Nagy is going to do Nagy. He’s going to throw Dalton out there Week 1 and look like a complete fool. The Rams’ defense is a defense that could end up eating Dalton alive. Facing a front featuring Aaron Donald with a quarterback who can’t move around is football suicide — especially when you have the ideal option sitting on the bench.

The biggest lie Nagy has convinced himself is true is the fact that he never even held a competition. The fact that he hasn’t once given Fields an opportunity to compete for the job is a hoax in and of itself. The only person who speaks of its truth is Nagy himself. The rest of us know just how absurd that notion is — even an NFL veteran tackle who might have been able to help the Bears in one of their weakest areas.

The Bears have had some obvious issues up front on their offensive line, and thankfully just signed veteran Jason Peters to help alleviate some of them. But, one of their best options other than Peters is former Kansas City Chiefs tackle Mitchell Schwartz — who knows Nagy personally from their time together.

When a former player of yours is calling you out publicly, that’s a bad look, boss.

From the way other members of the national media are speaking over the past few days, you can feel the entire situation’s magnitude is reaching a point where things are about to not only bubble over, but explode into oblivion.

If Fields outplays Dalton against Tennessee, and once again shows how much more dynamic the offense can be with him at the helm, Nagy is going to feel pressure like he’s never felt before.

And, guess what? After the game, he’ll probably say the exact same thing he’s said all along: “Andy is our starter.”

If anything remotely close to this hypothetical circumstance goes down, Nagy’s image is going to take a permanent dive. We’re talking about a guy who probably won’t get another shot as a head coach again. If and when he is fired, he’ll go back to being an offensive coordinator of some fashion.

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This is a man whose reputation is going to be smothered through the dirt in a matter of days, and only he can prevent that from happening. He has one choice, but we all know he won’t make the right decision.