Chicago Bears: Even Madden knows Justin Fields should start

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

When meeting with the media on Wednesday, Chicago Bears veteran quarterback Andy Dalton told them something pretty staggering. Quite frankly, it was bold — but what else was he supposed to say?

“Justin Fields will have a great career, but right now it’s my time,” Dalton said.

Again, it was bold. But, he’s not wrong. Right now, it is Dalton’s time. He remains atop the depth chart as the Bears’ starting quarterback. But, if the rookie continues to play like he did in his preseason debut against the Miami Dolphins, Fields will be supplanting Dalton eventually.

If it was up to a certain video game, “eventually” would be right this instant.

The latest Madden 2022 player ratings have spoken: the Chicago Bears starting quarterback should be Justin Fields.

Every year, fans look forward to the Madden video game. And every year, the player ratings always get plenty of attention and criticism. This year, the Madden player ratings are particularly interesting on the Bears — and more particularly, at quarterback. Per the most recent rankings, this is how Fields and Dalton stack up:

Justin Fields: 74

Andy Dalton: 72

Listen, when a video game — that is notoriously critiqued heavier than just about any other sports video game — believes the Bears should start Fields, then you have to believe head coach Matt Nagy either can’t be far behind that notion, or he is just as stubborn as a mule.

It was abundantly clear just how much dynamic the offense was when Fields was out there against Miami. And guess what? It will be abundantly clear once again when the Bears take on the Buffalo Bills this Saturday.

The way Fields is able to open up the offense with his mobility is something Dalton simply cannot offer them. But, Fields’ zip on his passes is something to behold. He’s not just a mobile quarterback. He comes into the NFL as the most accurately graded college quarterback since 2014, per Pro Football Focus.

Given that the Bears have so much more speed on the roster this year as opposed to recent seasons, along with the fact that their offensive line just took a major hit, playing the rookie seems like a no-brainer at this point.

Madden knows it. The fans know it. Most of the Chicago media know it. The only guy who doesn’t get the picture is Nagy — because he is afraid to speak the truth. He’s afraid to hurt feelings. He is afraid to take a necessary “risk” that could pay huge dividends.

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But, nobody is surprised at this. When Nagy is fired next year, regardless of the Bears’ record, this quarterback saga will be just one of many reasons why he was shown the door.

It’s time to start the kid, already.