Chicago Bears: Teven Jenkins pick raises tough questions Pace must now answer

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What is the long-term prognosis after surgery?

At this point there is nothing that can be done about the previous two questions. They are only useful in evaluating how big of a blunder this move was by Ryan Pace. The most important question to the long term success of the Bears is what are the long-term ramifications of this surgery.

Nagy called the surgery a “common” one, though it’s hard to imagine describing any procedure where a doctor cuts into your back as “common.”

Any time you have surgery there are risks. Will the procedure be successful? If so, how successful? How long will it last? Will it fix his back issue or only improve it? Will it result in arthritis, which can be a common longer term side-effect of surgery?

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At this point, there is no doubt the Bears took a risk in moving up to select Jenkins. It’s also clearer why this first-round talent was still available in the second round. However, the risk will be measured against the reward, and that is yet to be determined. How much doctors are able to “fix” when they operate on him will go a long way in helping us make that determination.