Chicago Bears: Teven Jenkins pick raises tough questions Pace must now answer

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Chicago Bears must answer some tough questions about Teven Jenkins

What did you know and when did you know it? In evaluating Ryan Pace, this is the most important question at this point. What exactly did Ryan Pace know about the extent of Jenkins back injury prior to moving up in the draft to select him?

The organization admitted they knew about his back issues before the draft, but Mike Gundy his college coach alluded to those last season, so in reality everyone knew.

So what we really need to know is what did the Bears medical staff know. What records did they have access to, what was their evaluation and long-term prognosis, and what was their recommendation to Pace. If they advised against making the pick for medical reasons, and Pace did it anyway, it’s a fireable offense. If the medical staff gave him the green light, then it’s a discretionary decision that just turned out poorly.

Hopefully we get some sense of what information the organization had at the time they made what appears to be a calculated risk when they moved up in the draft.