Chicago Bears: Teven Jenkins pick raises tough questions Pace must now answer

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The Chicago Bears were dealt a crushing blow on Wednesday morning when Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reported that rookie offensive tackle Teven Jenkins will have back surgery. The news certainly puts his season in jeopardy despite the fact that head coach Matt Nagy tried to hold out hope that he could return this year.

To anyone who didn’t have their head buried in the sand, the handwriting was on the wall with Jenkins. If you were following the story this offseason, the Bears statements regarding the severity of his injury just didn’t seem to align with what we were seeing (or in this case not seeing) on the field.

Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears must face the media

Now that the news is out, the team must turn the page, offer the obligatory “next man up” comment and try to patch an offensive line together this season. However, the organization — more specifically general manager Ryan Pace — must answer some very difficult questions about this situation.

The problem is it would require transparency which they, to this point, have avoided like coming into contact with it would send them into anaphylactic shock. One would expect the general manager to face the media and answer the tough questions, but it remains to be seen whether he will. For a moment, though, let’s pretend we could inject Pace with truth serum. If we could, here are the questions we would want him to answer.