Chicago Bears: Justin Fields makes Dolphins beat writer look foolish

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This week, the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins squared off in a couple of joint practices before their first preseason game kicks off tomorrow at noon. During the first practice, we saw mixed reviews from both sides of the media.

On one hand, many media members from both Chicago and Miami said that rookie quarterback Justin Fields had some positive moments. However, there were some not-so-good moments as well.

Fields ended up throwing a couple of picks in his first action against the Dolphins on Wednesday, but also made some excellent throws.

After the teams’ first practice together, one particular Miami beat writer took to Twitter with what’s looking like the ultimate hot take.

In his second joint practice with Miami, Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields made Omar Kelly look hilarious.

Before we go into Fields’ second practice, we have to talk about Omar Kelly’s hilarious, bold take on Twitter. The Sun Sentinel journalist watched just one of Fields’ practices and decided immediately he would still take Tua Tagovailoa over the Bears’ rookie.

The most ridiculous part of his tweet is where he talked about Tua’s accuracy and almost made it seem like Fields doesn’t have an accurate arm.

Funny enough, Fields was the most accurate college quarterback graded by Pro Football Focus since 2014. I wonder if Mr. Kelly had seen that fact before… probably not.

Fields had arguably his best training camp practice yet against the Dolphins on Thursday. He was sharp from the get-go and absolutely dominated every aspect of the practice.

Fields was particularly great in the red zone drills. In six red zone plays, Fields went 3-of-4 with three passing touchdowns and his only incompletion was a drop by Riley Ridley. On another one of those six plays, Fields tucked the ball and ran it into the end zone.

The Bears rookie scored four touchdowns on just six red zone snaps against the Dolphins defense.

Every member of the Bears media took to twitter and their particular digital platform following the practice to praise Fields for his performance. It was a complete and utter torching of Miami’s defense. Fields had his way, that’s for sure. He was so impressive that some outlets are now wondering if he did enough to get Matt Nagy to change his mind about who his starter will be in Week 1.

I suppose we will all get one final matchup to decide whose quarterback looks better this week when the two teams face off against each other tomorrow afternoon. Though it’s just preseason, Mr. Kelly certainly started something that Bears fans will never let down.

The fact that he said what he said and Fields followed it up with the practice of his life against that same Dolphins defense makes all of this that much more juicy of a storyline. The reality is, Fields may have seen what Kelly said after it blew up on social media following that first practice — and he took it to heart.

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Mr. Kelly, serious talk: Justin Fields has a brighter future than your entire quarterback room. Thank you, and goodnight.