Chicago Bears: Mitch Trubisky disses his former team in press conference

Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

Former Chicago Bears quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, audibly subtweeted the team that gave him his NFL start in a press conference with his new team, the Buffalo Bills.

“It’s just really nice to be a part of a great team and be somewhere where people want you here,” Trubisky said. “And they care about how you’re progressing as a player and as a person.”

Shot to the heart. Maybe the most accurate shot he’s taken his whole career was right at the heart of Bears fans with this quote.

Bears fans might be surprised like I was after watching the full interview to see that Trubisky was a little reluctant to say he was appreciative of his time in Chicago. Before we dive deep into the interview, let’s go over how his progress went over his four years in Chicago.

Trubisky’s first year was a work in progress. After taking over for Mike Glennon, Trubisky recorded a 4-8 record in the 12 games he played. He threw for seven touchdowns and seven interceptions while averaging 183 passing yards per game on a 59 percent completion percentage. Not great.

His sophomore year was clearly his best season. He played 14 games, leading the team to an 11-3 record. He was named to his first Pro Bowl, throwing for 24 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions. He also ran for over 400 yards and three more touchdowns. Plenty of progression.

His progress quickly declined in his third and fourth years. He never eclipsed the passer rating nor the QBR he did in 2018 and was handcuffed to Nick Foles in his final season. The Bears declined his fifth-year option, which he said he “wasn’t surprised” about and referred to his regression over the final two years to support the front office’s decision.

“Throughout the process, you could see they were believing in me less and less and that’s kinda how that process went,” Trubisky said.

While it is certainly disheartening to watch the franchise that drafted you stop believing in you, the NFL and professional sports avenue is extremely unforgiving. The expectations are high, and if you can’t live up to them, you will be forced out.

Trubisky continuously mentioned that he was discouraged by the fact that the opportunity wasn’t given to him to return to Chicago after completing his rookie contract.

The decision by the front office to release him was extremely warranted given his inability to perform at a starting level. Also given the fragility of the front office’s future outlook, the decision to let Trubisky roam in free agency was an easy one to make.

While Trubisky is clearly upset with the Bears, it doesn’t sit right knowing that he was unhappy with how the coaches and management “treated” him during his tenure. The Bears did give him a chance. They never tried to trade or cut him. They gave him his full rookie year contract as the starting quarterback to figure things out. Simply, he couldn’t figure it out.

The evidence strongly points to the decision to cut him as Trubisky explained in his press conference that the opportunities to compete for a starting spot on another team weren’t there in free agency. This shouldn’t come as a surprise after seeing how he handled the starting job in Chicago.

Trubisky could never live up to the mentality that Justin Fields has come into his new team.

He always talked about the work he put in before each season. He glamoured over the fact that he and now Houston Texan, Anthony Miller, practiced routes together in the offseason.

Fields was found at Halas Hall alone doing a workout before anyone got there. He also has a much stronger sense of self-discipline than Mitch and owns up to his mistakes.

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Not to be hung up on the fact that Trubisky talked poorly about the Bears, but the truth is the Bears are much better off. Feelings get hurt, career paths change, but that’s the name of the game. It’s a tough business.

Things will get hot and heavy when Trubisky returns to Chicago on Aug. 21 to face off against the man that replaced him in the preseason games, Fields.