Chicago Bulls: LaMarcus Aldrige rumor forecasted aggressive offseason

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski recently reported that LaMarcus Aldridge may be considering a return to the NBA following medical clearances despite retiring earlier this season due to health concerns. Prior to his retirement, the Chicago Bulls were rumored to be potential suitors for LaMarcus this offseason (per K.C. Johnson).

The Chicago Bulls’ rumored interest in LaMarcus Aldridge once again proves how aggressive management was planning to be this offseason.

People may be surprised why the Chicago Bulls came out this offseason guns blazing. It has been a long time since this team has operated as a top-three largest market, but that old narrative has been turned on its head within the first 48 hours of free agency.

The reason for it is simple: Prove to Zach LaVine that the organization will support his efforts to win a championship so that he does not request a trade this upcoming season. The Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, and DeMar DeRozan signings all demonstrated the organization’s goal to win immediately. Now, LaMarcus Aldridge is the latest example of the Chicago Bulls going out to acquire as much talent as quickly as possible.

With Lauri Markannen surely on his way out of Chicago, the Bulls do have a pressing need in the frontcourt where their lack of depth is concerning. Alongside Vucevic, the Bulls only have the newly signed Tony Bradley and Marko Simonovic – two unproven players that while talented, cannot be the team’s only two depth options in the frontcourt going into the season.

This is where the pursuit of LaMarcus Aldridge would be very beneficial for the Bulls should he clear all the medical protocols necessary to make him feel comfortable enough to come out of retirement. Aldridge would surely provide stability to the second unit and would make the Chicago Bulls’ second unit one of the most formidable in the entire NBA.

It’s clear that the Chicago Bulls’ management is thrusting open their championship window. Anyone who watches their games know that Zach LaVine is a talent they cannot afford to lose. The Bulls are lucky enough that the Jimmy Butler trade can’t be referred to as a huge fleece due to how Zach has developed. However, now Chicago needs to do what it can to keep Zach LaVine happy.

New management recognized this as their team’s number one priority and planned an aggressive offseason to ensure their superstar would be kept satisfied going into a contract year. The LaMarcus Aldridge rumors that apparently dated back to midseason forecasted this plan all along and luckily for the Chicago Bulls, the front office was able to execute their plan which could potentially be topped off with the acquisition of former all-star LaMarcus Aldridge to anchor the second unit.