Chicago Cubs Rumors: Scouts don’t like the Joc Pederson trade

The Chicago Cubs got their firesale started last week when they traded Joc Pederson to the Atlanta Braves. Signing Pederson was strange in the first place but they thought they were going to be better than they are obviously. Now that they are clearly not a playoff team, they are going to start selling everyone off. It is going to be interesting to see what happens with the rest of their roster now as they try to move forward.

In exchange for Pederson, the Cubs received Bryce Ball from the Atlanta Braves. He is a Minor League first baseman that is considered to be a power hitter. This, unfortunately, might not be that good of a return for the Cubs at this time.

According to Robert Murray of FanSided, scouts believe the Cubs are off to a bad start with their trades. They believe that they pulled the trigger too early on the trade which isn’t good news for the Cubs. They might not have gotten much more but they don’t seem to love Bryce Ball’s game. One gave Murray a quote that is a bit worrisome.

Best asset is raw power. Not translating to games. Stiff actions. Not very good on defense. Up/down guy at best for potential DH at-bats.

That is not the type of player that anyone wanted to see them get for Pederson. It isn’t like Pederson is a superstar or anything like that but it doesn’t make you feel good about the rest of the trade deadline season. With Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, and Craig Kimbrel on the block, it is fair to worry about it.

The Chicago Cubs might not get exactly what people are expecting them to get for some of these players on expiring deals. No team is going to give up multiple top-100 prospects for three months of a player. It isn’t even like any of these guys have been as good as they can be either which adds more to the intrigue.

Major League scouts thinking that the Cubs did poorly in a trade for Joc Pederson is a bad sign. He was probably the least valuable of them all and they still weren’t given enough, according to them. You can only hope that Ball pans out. You can also hope that Jed Hoyer and his staff do a better job with the upcoming trades that they are going to make.