Chicago Bears Rumors: Allen Robinson doesn’t sound confident about extension

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

For a while now, the Chicago Bears have had a problem on their hands — a self-created problem by general manager Ryan Pace.

Since last fall, Pace and the Bears have been headed for a divorce with wide receiver Allen Robinson. When contract talks broke off last September, things started to look incredibly bleak in terms of Robinson sticking around long-term.

This year, there have been multiple times where Robinson has expressed his frustration and doubts over getting an extension done with Chicago. He has stated vehemently that he felt the Bears have already had their opportunity to get an extension done.

Wednesday evening, Robinson made an appearance on NFL Total Access and was once again asked about his future in Chicago. Playing on the franchise tag and betting on himself is one thing, but is he even the slightest bit confident in being able to sign an extension with the Bears? To no one’s surprise, Robinson seemed to dodge a question regarding that confidence in an extension being done before the July 15 deadline.

When asked about being confident in an extension getting done before the deadline, Robinson couldn’t help but smile and answer with two simple words: “we’ll see.”

He then moved away from the question and talked about being there for his team, doing everything he can to help the Bears get back to the playoffs.

The fact that Robinson’s answer wasn’t anything remotely close to what Bears fans would love to hear should prepare all of us for a future without him in 2022. If the Bears were to re-engage in serious talks (and who knows, they may already be doing so), they would have to look at the wide receiver landscape as it stands.

Right now, Robinson would likely want similar money to that of Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper and Michael Thomas — top-five money. Currently, his franchise tag puts him at the ninth-highest salary among receivers for 2021.

One thing a lot of people aren’t even considering, at this point, is that the Bears could opt to franchise tag him once again in 2022. Would Robinson then choose not to play? The frustration levels would be at an all-time high for the former Pro Bowl wideout, that’s for sure.

If the Bears decided to franchise tag him again next season, his salary would jump to over $21 million for the 2022 campaign. That’s a hefty price to pay, and a price tag that Robinson may be foolish to turn down as well.

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All around, this is a difficult situation. But, one thing remains pretty evident: Robinson is not confident in this Bears organization. He doesn’t seem to feel respected or valued, and until the Bears offer him what he feels he deserves, that will not change.