Chicago Blackhawks: Alex DeBrincat’s season should impress everyone

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

When the 2020-21 Chicago Blackhawks season started, there were many questions. It was following a surprisingly decent performance in the COVID-19 bubble but we all knew that it was fool’s gold based on the roster.

One of the biggest questions to be answered would be the report on Alex DeBrincat. He was brilliant in his first two years but had a tough third year in 2019-20. The pandemic had nothing to do with it as he was struggling before it.

Alex DeBrincat is a huge part of the future of the Chicago Blackhawks organization.

In 2020-21, DeBrincat was brilliant. He was right there with Patrick Kane leading the way in terms of offense. Not only does he have the ability to score, but he can also make big-time plays too. Every one of his teammates is a better hockey player when he is on the ice. His remarkable rebound season should make everyone happy about his future.

As the team slowly but surely veers away from the glory days that existed from 2009-2017 that included three Stanley Cups, the younger wave of players will be more heavily relied on. At 23 years old, DeBrincat fits right into that group.

In 52 games played this season, Debrincat had 32 goals and 24 assists for 56 points. He only trailed Patrick Kane for the team’s lead in points which is not a bad thing. Kane is an aging superstar but he is still one of the best offensive players in the world.

Having two players like that at the top of the lineup is very nice if you can supplement it with a good roster around them. Unfortunately, the Hawks haven’t been smart enough to do that throughout DeBrincat’s young career. He is only going to get better with a few more years under his belt so there is still time. The only problem then is what becomes of Patrick Kane.

Regardless of any of that, it is very good news that DeBrincat had a bounce-back season in 2020-21. His season before wasn’t the worst thing of all time but it just wasn’t the DeBrincat we knew. Sometimes that happens with young players looking to go from stars to superstars.

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What should people expect from Alex DeBrincat in the future? Well, his 32 goals in this short season translate to 50 in a full 82 game season if he can stay healthy for them all. The Hawks would love to see DeBrincat get to that sort of level soon. It is a lot to ask of a player, especially one in his age group, but he has the talent to be a premier player in this league.