Chicago Bears: Early, bold predictions for 2021 offensive leaders

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2021 offensive predictions for tight end Cole Kmet

68 receptions

663 yards

7 touchdowns

Looking at the rookie season of Cole Kmet last year, one thing sticks out. Over his past five games, Kmet played a whole lot more. It likely had to do with his comfort level, which only continues to rise. During that span, Kmet received six targets per game, on average. If we took his total receptions during those five games and stretched them out over a 17-game season, he would end up with 68 catches.

So, it’s not crazy to think Kmet ends his sophomore year with darn near 70 receptions. It’s also pretty easy to see him averaging around 9-10 yards per reception, considering that’s where Graham finished in 2020 and Kmet finished at 8.7.

The major difference between last year and this year, for the Bears tight ends, could end up being in the touchdown category.

In 2020, Jimmy Graham finished with eight touchdowns. He was a huge factor in the red zone. Now, if the Bears decide to throw Kmet in there more often in red zone situations, he could take over as the primary tight end target inside the 20.