Chicago Bulls: 3 trades to consider with 2021 playoff teams

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The Chicago Bulls could attempt a trade for Bradley Beal

At the moment, it doesn’t appear the Washington Wizards are actively going to shop Bradley Beal. However, things could start heading that direction if the Wizards realize what the future may entail for the former Gator.

Beal has two years left on his current contract, but after the 2021-2022 season he has a player option. If he opts out, Beal could then obtain more money over a longer contract in free agency. Would Washington commit to him yet again?

The Wizards may end up realizing that their best bet is to trade him and see what they could get in return, rather than potentially losing out on his services for nothing. It’s an oft-discussed topic in Wizards media, as Beal has been among trade whispers in the past.

The Bulls could get involved this summer if they wanted to try and create their own “big three,” looking to pair Beal with Vucevic and LaVine. One connection the Bulls have to the first-time All Star guard is the fact that he played under Donovan in college back at Florida.

If Chicago went after Beal, the Wizards would likely want LaVine in any deal. But, the Bulls could still offer a couple of first-round picks along with players like Coby White and Thaddeus Young, for example, if they wanted to try to keep LaVine around.