Chicago Bulls: 5 free agents to pursue from NBA Playoffs

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Playoff free agents for the Chicago Bulls to pursue: PF Bobby Portis

One guy some Bulls fans miss having around is forward Bobby Portis, whom the Bulls drafted a few years back out of Arkansas. After three and a half seasons in Chicago, the Bulls dealt Portis to the Washington Wizards. Since that trade, Portis has bounced around a little bit, spending one year in New York and this most recent season with the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Now, if the Bucks end up going all the way and winning an NBA title this season, surely Portis would want to return. However, he hasn’t played a whole lot during the playoffs. The idea of returning to play for a championship roster or going off and earning a bigger check and more playing time could be a tough decision for Portis.

This summer, Portis has a player option for less than $4 million. Coming back to play for a team that could win a ring is awfully tempting. Why wouldn’t he want more money on a longer deal, though? Portis has yet to find a permanent home in the league, and bringing him back to Chicago would be a nice story. Plus, his intensity is dearly missed.

Portis has become a versatile scorer and saw his three-point percentage rise to 47 percent in 2020-2021.

If the Bulls’ top three front court players consisted of Nikola Vucevic, Thaddeus Young and Bobby Portis, they would be versatile and deep. Not to mention, Patrick Williams could play the four as well. That’s a great group of big men to have.