Chicago Bulls: 3 crazy trade packages for Ben Simmons

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Chicago Bulls, Zach LaVine
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The Chicago Bulls could also turn this into a blockbuster for themselves.

Some people don’t want to see the Bulls trade away Zach LaVine. It may be smart, however, as 2020-21 was the first year that he showed that he might be able to be a superstar. Can he be the number one guy on a championship team? That is the big question. If he can’t in the minds of the front office, then moving him for a “number one” haul might be worth it right now. The 76ers might really be interested in something like this.

If the Chicago Bulls could get Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey, and two first-round picks from the 76ers for Zach LaVine, they might consider it. LaVine is the best player in the deal but that is a huge return for the Bulls when they were seriously considering trading him before this past season started.

Tyrese Maxey was Philly’s first-round pick in the 2020 Draft so you know he is a highly thought of player. Simmons would help the Bulls add talent around what they have already built. You never know what those first-round picks become but having two extra would be nice after they traded away their 2021 pick of their own.

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We don’t know for sure if Simmons is going to be moved but it will be in the conversation all summer. There are people that will look at the big picture and people who will just look at the 2021 playoffs that he had. Hopefully, regardless of what happens, the Bulls are able to find their way again sometime soon.