Chicago Bulls: 3 crazy trade packages for Ben Simmons

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The Chicago Bulls can use this trade to relieve some money as well.

The Chicago Bulls are probably looking to make some huge signings over the next few years. It is going to be hard if they have a lot invested in players who won’t get the job done for you. In this trade, you are getting Al-Farouq Aminu off the books while adding Ben Simmons for Coby White and Patrick Williams. The second-round pick in 2021 is also included.

This is a trade that some fans would be cool with and others would hate. It all depends on your opinion of Ben Simmons who is a former number one overall pick in the draft. He has had some really good years in Philadelphia but recency bias has everyone thinking that he isn’t a winner.

He played some nice shutdown defense in the playoffs but couldn’t get it done when the ball was in his hand. If you believe that is his future then you probably don’t make this trade. However, you also have to ask yourself if he has a higher ceiling than the players the Bulls are sending away. There has been a lot of losing with the Bulls lately and it could be time to make a splash. Ben Simmons might be worth it in a new organization.