Chicago Blackhawks: 3 new Jack Eichel trade packages

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Chicago Blackhawks, Adam Boqvist
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The Chicago Blackhawks could offer up next year’s first-rounder as well.

The Chicago Blackhawks might really want Jack Eichel. That is a good idea because he is one of the best players on planet Earth. It seems like Buffalo and Eichel are not going to reunite so the Hawks might as well try really hard. Of course, as mentioned before, a first-round pick and Kirby Dach are going to be involved. It is a lot to give up in addition to a third piece but it has to be done if possible.

In this trade, however, the trade is the 2022 first-round pick instead of the 2021 edition. Why is that important? Well, the 2022 NHL Draft is significantly better than the 2021 Draft. The Hawks, even with Eichel, still would probably need a year or two to gel so you don’t know where the 2022 pick lands. If it is in the lottery mix, the Sabres would be in good shape. That risk is worth the reward if you are Buffalo. Adding Eichel is also worth it for Chicago.

The better draft pick lowers the value of the third piece, however. In trade one, Nikita Zadorov is the third piece. He isn’t a great fit but he is a better player than Adam Boqvist who is just not living up to his draft status at all. Maybe Buffalo would have better luck with him.