Chicago Bears: 5 players most crucial to Justin Fields’ success

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Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson will greatly help Justin Fields’ 2021 development

If you look at some recent quarterbacks who had strong rookie seasons, you’ll notice a common trend: most of them had elite number one wide receivers who make difficult catches. Just last year, Justin Herbert had Keenan Allen (100 receptions for 992 yards and eight touchdowns).

Just a few years ago, Deshaun Watson had DeAndre Hopkins (96 receptions for 1,378 yards and 13 touchdowns) during his rookie season.

If you want a catalyst for a rookie quarterback to succeed, get them a true number one wide receiver. That’s exactly what Justin Fields has in Allen Robinson.

Over the past few seasons, Robinson has made the most of poor quarterback play in Chicago and has still ended with a couple of solid seasons with the Bears. Now with Fields, his numbers could skyrocket — which is good for him, considering next year he’ll be looking for a huge pay day.

The similarities between Fields and the aforementioned quarterbacks’ game are there, too. Both Herbert and Watson can use their legs — but Fields is the better athlete of the bunch. Knowing he can escape and make plays with his legs, extending certain plays and being able to get the ball to his number one guy is a huge attribute.